Not a furvert! (call for submissions)

Ever think to yourself - I am an awesome furry and I would love to tell the world why I love to be a one? Then I would love to include your story in a new book I am working on. Sexual, non-sexual, adventure, fiction and non fiction stories are all acceptable submissions. Tell me your story so I can tell the world that you are Not a Furvert (This will be the name of the new book.) Original artwork will also be considered!

I am tired of being harassed and called a 'fur fag' or worse because someone doesn't understand that, though I may be human, I AM a cat on the inside where it matters. I love my second life avatar because every single day I get to be myself.

Please feel free to submit your story and/or artwork for this upcoming project. All stories should be submitted to :

I can't wait to hear from you!

*Author has published 8 other books. Feel free to head on over to my website ( to see my other work.) This is my 1st project of this type but I am excited to work on it. Please do not spam my email as it is a work email for this project only. I will give credit to each author/artist in margin of each piece of work. No royalties will be shared. Do not bother emailing me to harass me as I have no time, nor patience to argue with you. Contacting me in SL to bother and/or fight with me will result in immediate muting. I am a no drama fur - if you can comply go ahead and submit your work! ^^ I can't wait to tell your story. When you submit please chose which name you want to publish in. Can be a pen name, a real name or an avatar name. The choice is yours.
Have a good day.
Alurya (Ria) Goff