Back From the Dead

Jacket : Gabriel - Zip up Tweed Jacket Olive  380L
I bought this at the Mens Dept for a little cheaper,
but it's worth the Linden!  It come with the bag you
see around me as well.  Comes in 5 sizes, I am wearing
XXS, and you can get a few other colors.
Pants : Cheerno - Leather Brown Pants FIT Cream  275L
These come in 5 colors and each come in 3 different
sizes so be sure to try the demo first.  Also grab the
free gift while you are there, it's a huge scarf!
Hair : Cheerno - Salvio Grays  275L
This is a mesh hair so try it out first!  You can resize it
to fit your head though!  You can get each color with
5 shades, or get the fat pack for 1155L.
Shoes : Eudora 3D - Bugsy Classics Brown  500L
These were another purchase I made at the
Mens Dept, but at the main store they have a black/blue set.
These shoes come with a HUD where you can change
each part of the shoe, the laces, and the size.
Nose Ring : Ellabella - Rondure Gold and Charoite  35L
The next set of Mens Only Gachas are up!  There
are some interesting things there...  You have from
February 1st - February 15th!

Glasses have been blogged a lot!

Sorry we've been gone a bit, been super sick!!