Join the Furry Fashion Hunt!

Quest Fur Cover
A Furry Fashion Hunt!

Furry Fashion is looking for furry related and furry friendly stores
that would like to be included in their December hunt!
It's short, but furries do love a good hunt with extra
shiny things!!  If you are interested, please see the information
below and send it to the appropriate folks!

Hunt Contacts
Amethyst Crystal
and Shukie Galicia

(CMFB! is a part of this hunt, but we are not contacts!
You will find us somewhere along the hunt route!)

 To provide a hunt that brings as many furry and furry friendly places across the
grid together as  possible through one hunt. 
Each location will hide a hunt item within their store/area/community
which will contain a prize from them and a landmark to the next area.

..::How it will work::..
Once you are accepted into the QFC Line Up you will be added to the list.
The list will go in order of when people have joined and this is the 
how the hunt from store to store will go.
The list of participating stores/communities will be kept updated
via the organizers and every merchant will be sent the hunt item nearer the 
time. The hunt item must be hidden within their area with their prize and
a landmark to the next merchant's place inside of it.

..::Participant rules::..
All items given away must by your own design , using mesh/sculpt 
from a creator kit is fine as long as you incorporate it into your own thing.

Items must be of the highest quality you can do. This maybe a free hunt for
customers but that should not mean the standard should be lacking. 
This hunt is to encourage communities to work better together and
promotion for all. If Patrons like your items they may well be back!

Please try to keep things unisex or provide for both genders.
Also keep in mind Furs love to mod! so making your items mod/copy will prove 
popular with the hunters (this is optional for all merchants though)

When you hide the hunt item make sure it is accessible by all hunters
(Eg not covered by a sculpt or mesh with invisible blockage that will 
prevent the item to be clicked on

Hunt items must be set to 0L

If you wish to join us as a merchant please fill out this and add your
name to the note card before sending it back to one of the organizers.

.::Second Life Name::..

..::Store Name::..

..::Other contact if you are not available::..

..::What do you sell::..


..::Sim rating your store/area is on::..

..::Is payment info or age verification needed to enter the sim your area is on::..

Again, send the note cards to Amethyst Crystal and Shukie Galicia

Lets have some furry hunting fun!!