Invading the Mens Dept.

Hoodie - Folk : Urban Male Mesh Hoodie  600L
This hoodie comes in 5 sizes and in other colors.
It's mesh and also comes with a HUD to change
the inner t-shirt a few different colors.  It's a little
pricey... but it's well worth it for the textures and fit!
Shorts - Razor : Baggy Cargo Faders  150L
These shorts were picked up at the newest Mens Dept.
for March!  These shorts are usually 399L, but they
over half off for this event.  When you wear the shorts you
can also attach the cuffs and the belt, each is separate!  These
also come with a HUD to change the color of the shorts, cuffs, belt,
and all the little bits on the shorts.
Hair - UncleWeb Studio : Seth Silver Wolf  150L
Fat pack is 990L
Another Mens Dept find, UWst has 2 different hair styles
out for you to try.  Each are click to resize but you can
also manually mod them to fit your head.  Just remember
to copy a set, the box will be empty once you unpack
it and if you mess it up you'll have to buy another one.
Ankh Necklace - Ritika : Ankh Necklace  50L
Simple necklace, easy to resize and mod.
Space Invader Collar - SugarNova : Free!
Easy to resize, you can find this in with the lucky boards!
Ankh Facial Jewelry - Furry Fashion : Ankh  75L
This is click to change color and it is easy to mod to
fit any furries head, it is made for the Curious chinchilla though.


Lanzo Prizzani said...

Not only is it expensive, it's also ripped from Mass Effect, making the seller on the Marketplace total thieving scum to make money off of someone else's work.

I wish bloggers would stop reviewing this one.