New Things!

Do you enjoy Doctor Who??
SugarNova has this nifty new Tardis hoodie for guys
or a sweater for women for only 50L!  Both are mesh and
come in a bunch of sizes.  They also have some cool
Christmas sweaters as both group gifts and in their lucky boards!
Make sure to check out the freebie area too, and a whole shop
filled with cute items an gatcha machines!

The newest items at The Arcade gatcha are all
pretty funky this time around!  Everything you find
there is 100L or less and each machine has tons
of available prizes to lose your Lindens on!
This picture shows the mesh ankle pants you
can win from Curio Obscura!  These are the blue
jean pattern but there are many more, each play will
cost you 100L.  They are more fun to wear with the
AO that's included that makes you walk exactly
like you should if your pants are around your ankles.

The best part is that everything at The Arcade
is transferable so if you don't get what you want you can
trade with others or give them as gifts!  Head to The Arcade
website, click the second dot from the left for the shoppers
guide to see all the prizes being sold!

*Undies and shirt not included


Anonymous said...

Now here's a question I get on this one: What about that hat in the first picture showcasing the Tardis sweatshirt? :O