It's Getting Chilly Out

Shirt - Ronsem : Parka Olive  200L
This shirt comes in 3 sizes and has a hud to change the small
flap that hangs out the back of the shirt and the patch
that's on the front (not shown).  Try the demo before you buy!
Pants - Go : Mads Pants Blue-Black with Kilt  149L
These jeans can be found at the Mens Dept. and
you can get 2 other colors of the kilts, as well as
a jacket to match.  Please try the demo 1st!
Hair - MADesigns : Gili Club Black IX  Free!
Free in the Mr. Hunter Hunt!
Glasses - Renari : e:Mo Glasses  130L
Glasses are easy to mod and can be made to fit any face!
Left Hand - Sigma : Cast Ring  Free!
This ring was from an old hunt, it is not sold in
their store, but they have many other cool items!
Right Hand - Amberdragon : Basic Ring Male  Free!
This is another item from a hunt that is now found
on their freebie wall along with a few other items!
Hand Wraps - SiniStyle : Taped Fist Loose Hand  75L
Pack comes with 7 different styles and prim parts
if you want the cord to look like it's flapping around.
You also get them with or without black nails.
Sneakers - Def : Manifesto Lo  249L
Sneakers are click to resize, comes in mens
and womens and there are many colors to pick from!