The Arcade Goodies So Far

Just a few little things I picked up from The Arcade Gatcha Event!

Sorry for the less then spectacular i,ages, my comp decided
it hated me this afternoon!  Luckily I didn't have a lot
of Lindens, there's quite a bit of neat stuff to be had at the arcade,
just takes an hour to rez everything!

This hamster is a mesh avatar!  Top image is the box it comes in,
there's a bunch you can win along with accessory prizes!  Each one is 100L
Comes with animations already in it...  They kinda look like the ones
from the Kia Soul commercial!  This one is the Parti Sable

These plushies are from Intrigue!  Each is 50L and when you
click it it announces it's birthday and a short poem!

DOB - December 26th
Puddles the Seahorse got some funny stares
because his belly was bigger than theirs.
Puddles is a daddy and a mommy, you see -
male seahorses are the ones that carry babies.


Sage Nettle said...

Aww, the last plush is just like the Beanie Babies! Man I remember collecting those as a kid. Do need <3