Its Been Awhile....

Hoodie - !gO! : Mens Hoodie Khaki  311L
Mesh hoodie, comes with 5 sizes of the 2
options of hood up or down, and both alphas.
Be sure to try on the demo before buying!
You can also purchase these on the Marketplace!
Shorts - The Kid Company : Mesh Shorts Rolled Up  200L
This item is only found on the Marketplace.
It comes with 5 different sizes to pick
from, as well as an alpha.  Make sure you
find the demo version 1st before buying!
Hair - Dura : Dura Boy 23 Black  120L
Hair comes with 2 versions, one with
a resize script and one you resize manually
and you can mod it.
Glasses - Deco : BCP Glasses  Past Hunt Prize
These glasses are modable, and you
can click to change the lens to clear or tinted.
Furry - KZK : Marbled Smoke  800L (they were on sale)
There are 52 different coats to pick from, 52!!!
You do only get one tail, but it can be moved around.
There are only digi legs as well, so no
plantigrade for you folks that don't like digi.
Comes with a HUD with many options on
eye expression, finger options, and all the rest
you come to expect from a KZK furry.
I like it, I bought 2 so far!  LOL  Havana Brown is next!