Even More New Kal Rau!

Both these items are mesh so please grab the demo
and try them on first before spending your Linden!!

Jacket - Kal Rau : Casual Blazer  420L
This jacket comes only in one color, it's a
navy blue.  The hoodie under it though, you can change
the main color into 6 different colors by using
the included hud!  You can also change the hoodies
string texture, there are 9 options.  Mr. Rau
was even thinking of us smaller builds, there are 4
different sizes to pick from, including a tiny version
that a furry would fit into easily!  He also includes
an alpha, and 2 alpha textures you can play with.
Jeans - Kal Rau : Skinny Pants  380L
These skinny pants come in 5 colors and come
with 3 different sizes, as well as 2 alphas.. one
for just pants and one that includes your feet for shoes.
Hair - Shag @ The Mens Dept : Choke UnCut Truffle  125L
You get 5 colors per pack, or grab the fat pack
for just 500L for 35 colors.
GlassesBalaclava!! @ The Mens Dept : Roux Readers  100L
These are non rigged mesh glasses, each
comes with 2 pairs.  The pair shown comes
with the black set, and a funky beige.

Furry - Dark Spot Designs : Rabbit Brown  900L
There are 19 different coats to pick from, and
there are many mods you can buy for these
furries already too!  You get tons of stuff
with these rabbits including different ears, alternative
skins and heads, tails, even piercings... you just get a lot for your Linden!
The hud even allows you to change your toes and
'fingers' different colors and change your tail wag!