Walking Through the Jungle

The newest thing for Second Life Premium Members..  it's The Wilderness!
Six sims of jungle, 7 Seas Fishing, hanging out, games, and more!

Top - Villena : Hoodie Candy  200L
Mesh hoodie comes with 3 versions, 2 womens
and one male.  Get the demo to make sure it looks good on you!
Shorts - C'3D : Shorts Pique  175L
These shorts come with a belt that is not shown, they
are super easy to adjust to fit any body.
Sneakers - Def! : Manifesto Lo  90L
You can grab these sneakers in the newest incarnation
of the Narcissus Room.  Every few weeks all the
items get changed out!  Check the website for the list
of shops and for the LM to head there! 
These sneakers come with mens and womens sizes
and are click to resize and you save 209L!
 Butterfly - The Wilderness : Look for a jar with a butterfly!  Free!
Explore all the places in the 6 sims that is The Wilderness.
You can walk around, click on an assortment of items to
get free stuff!  Right now it's only open to premium members,
but eventually it will be open to all.  Each dock also
has 7 Seas Fishing for you with free poles!