Old School

Shirt - Kal Rau : Mesh Jacket Red  350L
This shirt comes with 8 different undershirts to pick
from and each style comes in three different sizes.
You can purchase three other colors, and be sure
to try out the demo before you buy!
Shorts - Kal Rau : White Cargo  250L
These shorts only come in this color for now but
they come in 4 different sizes to pick from and
there is a demo to try before you buy.
Back Pack - Kal Rau : Urban Back Pack  380L
This pack comes with a mens and a womens size.
Each one comes with a customization hud, you
can use it to change all the different parts of the
bag to a bunch of different textures or colors.
Hat - Rerty : Hood Whale Cap Red  149L
Hat is easy to resize and mod.
Sneakers - Rerty : Sk-8R  B&W2  249L
Click to resize, comes with socks!
Glasses - Sin & Virtue : Shield Sunglasses No.2  Free!
Got this in the Jack or Jill Hunt!  They come
with a hud to change positions and you can
change colors and lens.