New Baiastice Mesh

Sweater - Baiastice : Peskii Mesh Saphire  240L
Each sweater comes in 5 sizes to pick from,
I'm wearing the XS, the shoulders are a little
footbally looking but this avi is pretty skinny
to begin with.  It also comes with 2 alpha layers,
one for just the sweater and one for if you are also
wearing mesh pants with it.
Shorts - Baiastice : Lesolo Bermuda Orange  230L
Shorts come with 2 versions of legs, with or
without pockets.  Very easy to mod and resize!
Hair - Dura : Group Gift Wood Bark  FREE!
This and other free hairs can still be found at Dura,
this one comes in 2 colors and with or without
a resize script.

And yes I did match my eyes tyvm!