Furry Butt Challenge Anyone?

Check out our fellow blogger over at (ir)regularguy and his take on getting dressed up as a furry!  He did a great job fixing up a malamute to make sure he's nice and warm for the winter.

Now let's see what other bloggers can do shall we??  I challenge you all to step into some extra furry skin and see what you can come up with for your furry butts for a fashion post!

Need help finding a furry?  Here's a whole list of makers to pick from.  Curious even has a free felis (cat) avatar you can grab. 

Good luck, hope some of you try this out!!

Vit n' Rya

 *edit : Took the chicken part out!!!  Bah!


Inhandra said...

What? No chickens? That's a lie, I have a chicken. :)

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

Oh ffs! ROFL You have a chicken you can dress up?? Well I would believe you would of all people.

Tipsy Cerulean said...

I NEVER do any of the SL fashion challenges because I'm a mean fashion critic. Not gonna lie.

This one I had to do! Gives me an excuse to rock my furry avatar. Thank you for the challenge!

Sean said...

So many avatars to choose from, so I am going to have to do multiple posts. Here is my first one. I get so many of my ideas from you guys I hope I don't just end up recreating a look I saw here to begin with lol.

Cl!ck said...

! A new face appears !
I'm tempted to try this, except 1. I'm not a blogger, 2. not sure about my fashion sense...lol 3. i dont know how to enter
I'm a total n00b T-T
I should start a blog about my sl journeys..hmm
~ Tani