Apricot Paws Mesh Pants!

Apricot Paws came out with these mesh pants a while
ago but my viewer/computer just didn't want anything
to do with them.  Finally I can post them in all their
meshy glory!  Top picture is showing every color
of their colors pack!  Each can be purchased for just
200L, or grab the fat pack for 800L, meaning you
get 4 pairs free!!!  Each pair of pants comes with an alpha
layer and 5 sizes to pick from.  They are super bright
and nicely detailed and there's a fit for every fur!

This picture shows 2 different sets of pants.  The 1st 4
pants are part of the salv collection.  These still only cost
200L a pair but come in plain or pinstripe all in the same
set.  So there are 5 sizes of each plain and pinstripe with
each pair you buy, or get the fat pack for only 400L!
The 4 pairs of pants on the right are mesh jeans, each
200L with 5 sizes included and again the fat pack is 400L!

As with all mesh items there are demos to try before you
buy, but you can't go wrong with the price and with just how
many options you get!  All these pants are great to wear, well
designed, and the detail is just beautiful!  Grab some now!!