New Duds and New Fuzz Butts!

Jacket - Sey : Denim Jacket and Hoodie Black  500L
Only comes in jacket layer, all prim parts are click to resize
and the hoodie part can be clicked to choose from 6 different
patterns.  Jacket is super detailed and has excellent textures.
T Shirt - Prodigal : V Neck Emblem Dark Brown  99L
Comes in all layers, also comes in black or white.
Pants - Furtropolis : Plain Black Slacks  199L
Pants come in both layers and prim parts come with both 2.0
versions and invisiprim.  You get 2 belts, one with and one
without pockets and a chain as well as an alpha layer.
Hat - Strip'd : Santa Hat  25L
Touch to resize.  The holly berries on the hat are actually
tiny skulls and the poof ball has a spider on it!
Antlers - Fiction and Chaos : Reindeer Horns Light Version  25L
These come from their machine of epic randomness.
The prize also comes with ears and lighted tail.
Mouth - Fiction and Chaos : Skully  Free!
Find this and other XMas goodies under the tree!
Necklace - Gabriel : Two Strand Necklace  Free!
One of many free group gifts for both men and women.
Furry - Serious Avatars : Serious Gryphon Raven  800L
Made by Keith Rawley, check his profile for all
the places you can buy his avatars!  You can purchase 9 other
colors of these gryphons, female versions are sold separately,
and he also sells crow avatars. The furry itself is above average
size, comes with a hud to change your eyes.  The mouth does not
open and it has 'hair' built in so it is hard to wear any hair you buy
without modding the head.  I have been wanting one of these
guys for a long time and I am very happy to have purchased him!

Top - Node : Dress 01  220L
Top and bottom prims are easy to mod.
Pants - SmallTime : Levels White  200L
Each pant prim is easy to mod, comes in tons of other colors.
Gloves - SmallTime : Levels Gloves  100L
Gloves come in 2 parts, arm and hand prim.
You can grab these and other colors to match
the level pants in the funky Smalltime shop.
Piercing - FGT : Moufette Piercings  100L
Set comes with 11 colors, including the metal ones
shown.  No need to attach these to your head either,
just wear them and they go right where they need to go!
Furry - Curious Avatars : Moufette Black and White  800L
You can choose from 15 other colors, each furry comes
with both male and female versions.