Chilly Chinchilla

Jacket - 4mc : Jacket 1  299L
Full mesh jacket with 4 male sizes and 5 female sizes.
Click the collar to change into 24 different colors/fabrics
including plaids, leather, camo, and worker coats.
Shirt - Acid and Mala : September Group Gift
Group is not free to join and they usually keep
up with monthly freebies but this item is still up to grab.
Shorts - Ducknipple : Hobbs Green  95L
Leg prims are easy to resize, these come in
a variety of other colors.
Hat - Fiction and Chaos : Grandpa's Revenge  Free!
A Very Rotten Christmas Hunt prize, the hunt
runs until Dec. 31st.
Polar Bears - MiaSnow : Polar Bear XMas 2 and 3  Free!
Head on over and grab 3 different bears from under
the tree with lucky board presents.
Necklace - Kosh : Betel Nut Necklace  149L
Easy to resize to fit and comes with 2 versions
for different attach points.
Furry - Curious : Milk Chocolate Chinchilla  800L
The Chinchillas come in 20 other colors and comes
with a HUD to change the eyes and opens the mouth.
You can also purchase TONS of mods for this furry!