Dancin' Space Cats (non fashion post)

Just a little update!  Things in RL (yeah there is such a thing) have been
a little wacky so we are a tad slow on the updates these days.  Not to
worry though, I was going to be working hard at some new hunts..
but there aren't any good ones out right now for me to post!  There are
quite a few coming up though, which I'll be hitting as soon
as they start!  Since things are slow I am also updating the
site once again, trying to make sure all the SLurls are up to
date and adding some new ones.  If you know of one, or have
a shop in game or anything furry related and want added, just
drop me or Alurya a note card or an IM.
For those interested, we also have a shiny new HQ, just click
here and head on over to hang out with your friends, grab some
freebies and maybe meet some new folks!

Thanks All!
Vit n' Rya