The Men's 24

Shirt - Vero Modero - Mask Denim Shirt  FREE!
Collar and sleeves are easy to mod and comes
in all layers.  Got this as a gift from MENStuff at Men's 24

Shorts - Gabriel : Algonquian half pants  380L
Shorts come with prim legs and belt and all
are modable and click to change size.  The inside
of the shorts have a weird prim that you might need
to mod to fit your furry.  This was picked up
near the landing point of the Men's 24
You can grab a bunch of other colors too!

Hat - Ronsem and Black Maria : Casquette  160L
Ronsem and Black Maria teamed up to 
make a funky click to resize hat that comes
with click to recolor hair as well!
Hair can be changed to 11 different colors
and the largeness of the hat fits my big
head pretty easy, which is good because it's no mod.
You can buy this hat at either shop!

Scarf - Mr. Poet : Wide Scarf  FREE!
This scarf is click to change size and changes 
into 10 different colors.  Just check back
by the lucky boards for more freebies too!

The Men's 24 event is running in game from
August 19th - 27th, it has many of SLs best
Men's designers!  Many of them are offering limited
edition items that are gone once the event is over, plus
some of the designers have some nice freebies out for
you to grab!  It's not too big and not too crowded,
so go check it out!