Jacket - Pixels : Ghostcat Jacket V2  L115
Jacket comes with hood up or down, bottom prim, head
alph with a mask that is not shown.

Arms - Pixels : DemonBaby Gloves Black  L100
You can buy 10 different colors of these arms, each comes
with arm alpha, the claw gloves, middle elbow section, and
upper shoulder section.  You can also stand and wait in the shop
try and win the white version that you can not purchase!

Mask - Contraption : The Four Eyed Bloodlust  FREE!
This mask was a group freebie, but you can purchase 6 others
as single masks for 250L each, or grab the fatpack for 1350L
which includes the mask you can win from their death board
in the back of the shop!

Shorts - Edge Grafica : 08 Half Pants Black  FREE!
These also come with a side flap that I didn't wear, as well as
a belt.  Check out their whole shop on the marketplace for tons
of cheap or free items!

Legs - Epic : Black Demon Legs with Black Hooves  L259
You can also grab these in Lunar, Blood, and Brown.  Each comes
with brown or black hooves and alpha layer along with sock or
tattoo layer for the leg fade.

Tail - Lost Furest : Cabbit Tail  900L (for the whole furry!)
Tail is not sold seperate, I just happened to like how it looked!  =)


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