MENstuff Hunt

It's time again for the fellas to have a hunt of their own!

Hoodie - Lowlife : Doom Hoodie  FREE!
Easy to mod and the bottom prim actually
looks better then others out there!
Shorts - Connors : Summer Pants  FREE!
Prize also comes with a yellow polo shirt with
prim parts from their new polo shirt line!
Hair - MADesigns : Izaak Club Black  FREE!
This was found along the Zombie Popcorn hunt.

Far Leftb[ELLE]issima : Shorts and Tee  FREE!
Set comes with the shorts, tee shirt, and human
shape and skin.

Left Center - Legal Insanity : Complete Set  FREE!
Shorts, tee shirt, and a belt not shown here all come
in this prize.

Right Center Pants- Razorblade Jacket : Worn Low Rise  FREE!
Jeans come with and without boxers.
Right Center Tank - Let's Get Dirty : Tank Top 57T1 Grunge   FREE!
Comes in all layers.

Far Right Shirt - NSD : Devils Eye Top  FREE!
Prize comes with a black and a white version.
Far Right Shorts - Brocade Tiger : Khaki Shorts  FREE!
In this prize you get 2 pairs of shorts, one shown
and one in green plaid.
HatMikavo : Cowboy Leather Hat Brown  FREE!
Click to change size, they have a few other hats
as well that are just as nice looking and not too pricey.
Hair in 1st three pics - MADesigns : Gili  FREE!
Prize comes with 1 other hair as well as a hair base.

Avatar - KZK : Newly updated Tiger!