Skate n' Surf Goodies

All items are found in the What's The News
Skate and Surf Hunt!

Left and Middle Tank - Let's Get Dirty : Tank Top 55T4 Biker (light gray)
Comes in all layers, shop is on an Adult sim.
Left, Middle, and Right Shorts - Parx : Purple Jean Short
Set also comes with a tank and flip flops.
Left of Center Shirt - Topazia : Lorenzo Tank Black
Set comes with 3 other colors and in all layers.
Left of Center Shorts - Apricot Paws : Echo Shorts Blue Blast Dark
Prize comes with a light and a dark version.
Right Hoodie - Arnadi : Hoodie Jacket Grey
Hoodie comes in all layers and has long and short
sleeved versions, prim parts are click to resize.
Headphones - K_gs : Headphones for SSH
Comes with a set for your neck and one for your head.