I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller...

Cats aren't all that good at basketball...

Basketball Uniform - Sheep Door : Basketball Uniform LB  Free!
Lucky board item, 10 minute change time but right
now there are quite a few folks waiting so it goes a
little quicker.  Comes in mens and womens.
Basketball - Sheep Door : Love Soul Basketball  Free!
Well I guess since so many grabbed this set they decided
to put out a ball too!  You have to get a ticket 1st at the LM listed,
then head to where you get the uniform and wear the ticket
and click the prize board at the front door!  Please note the
LM listed for the ball is different then the one for the uniform.
Hat with Hair - Colors : 37A Medium Grey 200L Fat Pack
Single sets are 100L, best deal is the fat pack!  Easy to mod!
Click to change fabric and hair.
Wrist Band - Arnadi : Scott Pilgrim's Retro 
Tennis Wristbands  90L
Click to change size and into 8 different textures.