A Helping Paw

For many years to come this will be the picture that speaks volumes of the Japan
quake and following tsunami.  Here at CMFB, we wish to send all our prayers
and well wishes to our readers who have been affected in any way.  By that we
mean all of you...  everyone feels lost, unsure what to do.  Many of our friends,
designers, bloggers, and fellow furries come from Japan, show your support!

1.  In SL you can purchase special teddy bears from Linden Labs and all the
proceeds will go towards the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief
efforts of the American Red Cross.
2.  In game many designers are giving up their time and a special piece of their work for the
relief effort as well.  Head over to Pacific Fund Raiser and buy some stuff!
I don't think it is open yet, I can not tp in yet, but keep trying!
3.  If you don't want to do either of those, please head to the Red Cross and or
the Red Cross/Red Crescent give them your donations directly!
4.  For all of you that loves the furry persons who have been affected head to...
    *  World Vets