Tokushi Cuteness

 Furry - Tokushi : Gray Tabby  900L
OMG I'm so cute!  LOL  This furry comes with A LOT
of extras!  There are 2 different heads, legs, feet, ears,
a bunch of tails...  the texturing is great and look at that face!
There are 5 other versions to buy, even a special
Bast (Egyptian Cat Goddess) one with a sistrum!
(I need more Lindens!)  And as with other Tokushi avis,
you have the ability to flick people off!  =)

Shirt - SISU : Huppari Plain Red  125L
Comes in all layers and also comes in a long sleeved
version.  Prim parts are easy to mod to fit you and you
can purchased other colors, as well as camo.
Shorts - LikeA : Half pant denim camo  450L
All parts are click resize, legs and belt.  The belt
comes with a hidden lower part of the tank tops
that can be worn with these shorts.  The belt is also
click to change color.
Hat - Colors : 37A Medium Gray  200L Fat Pack
Single sets are 100L, best deal is the fat pack!  Easy to mod!