Born to Derp.

Shirt - Military Shirt - You can grab 7 different colors of shirts, each comes with
a click to change color tie that is separate from the color so you don't have to
wear it if you don't want to.  The shirt comes with prim pockets, shoulder
straps, collar, and rolled sleeves.  200L
Pants - CropPants Jungle - You can purchase 7 versions of these
pants, all easy to resize the cuffs, comes with a belt as well.  180L
Belt - Supply Belt - 7 different pattern choices with menu.  150L
Helmet - Military Warhead Helmet - Click to change 8 different patterns,
4 different cards, 8 different strap patterns, and 5 different writing choices.
Very easy to resize, wearing it made me want to play Black Ops!  LOL  180L
Glasses - War Torn Glasses - 8 different colors and click to set flip up for
having the glasses resting on your head!  In case you can not see it, the 
glass part on the left eye piece is cracked.  150L