Warm n' Fuzzy Butts

Shirt - Zenith : Black Sweater Checker  200L
You can buy this in 5 other colors and male and
female versions are sold separately
Pants - LikeA : DENIM BLACK 301std  150L
Comes in 3 blue shades as well sold separately!
Hat - Tiny Bird & Reek :  Merritt's Hat (guys) - Cafe Au Lait  225L
Grab 13 other sets or get the fat pack for only 700L!
Antlers - Relentless Couture : Holiday Antlers  Free!
Found these along the hunt at the For The Love Of Ice Festival
along with bunches of other neat things!  Just stroll along and
look for buyable snow flakes, they are not always near the store
you are in front of, they are scattered all over the place.  Best
part...  They blink!