No Brains!

Sweater - Concrete Flowers : Alp Sweater Sky  Free!
Grabbed in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, comes with 2
collar types, as well as a prim bottom that I did not wear.
You can grab other colors at the store for 111L each
Pants - KoQStar : Acid Wash Jeans  Free!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize
Shoes - Adjunct : Slipper Boots Grey  Free!
Zombie Popcorn Hunt Exclusive!  You can only
get this color in this hunt, 3 other colors are
available in the store for 100L each
Hat - Name Pending : Knitted Beanie (Brown)
This was purchased on a 50L Friday, sadly
this shop is closed!  =(
Cookie - Intrigue : Melting Snowman Cookie  Free!
A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt prize
Comes in normal bright and full bright


Lee said...

Hi I love your blog I want to be a furry in SL too..Can you tell me where you got the avatar you're using in this post plzz? thxx ^^

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

It is from Derp.
They have tons of nice ones for around 900 Linden