Sweater - n-creation : Frosty Black  200L
Comes in 3 other colors, and comes with 2 different collars.
Shown is the turtle neck, other collar is a hoodie.
Shorts - Def! : Overall/Skulls Or Nuthin Black Shorts  199L
Worn without the overall parts and the prim cuffs needed
to be moved for the digi legs.  You can also buy these
in blue, and they come in other lengths separately.
Hat - Aitui : Goodmorning Chocolate  75L
Comes in 17 other hair colors!
Right Bracelet - Gabriel : Brown hand belt with chain  Free!
Group gift, also comes without the chain, as
well as black versions.
Left Bracelet - Kosh : ADE Bracelet  Free!
Picked up in the Zombie Popcorn Hunt