Stripey Goodness

Hoodie - Adjunct : Stripped Pullover Hoodie Grey/Black  275L
Comes in 2 other colors, Blues and White/Black
Shorts - Fir & MNA : *FIR* Smart Shorts Plum  125L
13 other colors available and 6 Houndstooth!
Grab the colors in a fat pack for 750L or the Houndstooth
fat pack for 600L!
Hat - [Colors] : 37A Brown Pack  100L
Don't buy the single pack, get the fat pack for only 200L and
has all four 100L packs in it!  Front panel is click to change
fabric with 6 slight variations and 1 solid black.  Grab the
demo to try it out before you buy!  Resize is also click change.