Luck(y Inc.) Find of New Digi Pants!

Top - Luck Inc. : Tanktop Burnt Umber Sheer  110L
There are 12 other colors to pick from or grab the fat pack for 800L!
Pants - Luck Inc. : Leatherpant Low Cut Snake  200L
There's 11 other styles to pick from (see them all below!), or grab them
all in the fat pack for 1200L!  The pants come with digi and
human legs.  Digi legs come with 2 styles, one for Viewer 2.0 w/alpha and
one set with invisaprims for those of us that hate 2.0 =)

Hair and Collar blogged before.

From Left to Right : Redish, Retro, Tweed, Vintage

  From Left to Right : Bonsai, Skullieh, Fleur, Leo

From Left to Right : Plain, Camo, Jean, Snake


Rosie said...

Yus they ae awesome pants I am the furry that modeled for them :D

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria) said...

Oooo excellent! You did a spiffy job!