Don't forget to bring some oranges! *

Yay (or Argg!) for talk like a Pirate Day!

Shirt - Apricot Paws : Yarr Shirt Sunfaded Blue  175L
Shirt comes with Male and Female versions
Comes in 7 other colors or get the fat pack for 840L
Shorts - Apricot Paws : Yarr Pants Striped Blue  150L
Comes with Male and Female versions and you
can pick from 7 other colors and patterns!
3 come with stripes, other 5 are floral.
If you want them all the fat pack is 720L
Hat - Dark Haven : Tri Con Pirate Hat  5L
Eye Patch - Slumber Designs : Eye Patch and Headband  1L
I took off the head band
Dagger - Castors Creations : Dagger with Black Handle  0L
Peg Leg - Slumber Designs : Hat and Peg Leg  1L
I just had to have a peg leg!
Flint Lock Pistol and Cutlass are Free! @ the landing point on
the Jabberwock RP Sim.  If you decide to look around be sure
to wear the visitor tag from the rules box!

Ryas outfit is also a freebie from Jabberwock Islands!

* For those that do not know, oranges were used to combat
scurvy back when pirates sailed the seas.  Most pirates caught
the disease due to lack of fresh food and a good source of
vitamin C, like oranges or lemons or any fruit!