New Shorts AND new home! Mondays aren't all bad!

Vits Outfit
Shirt - no.07 : Ico - Beats Tee  250L
Shorts - Ducknipple : Hobbs Green  95L
Hat - Maschienenwerk : Pac-Man*  *Base-Cap  Free!!

Ryas Outfit
Shirt - Intrigue : Technicolor Ribcage  No Longer on the Racks!
Shorts - Ducknipple : Hobbs Pink (although they are purple!)  95L

House (Seating, telescope and candles not included)
Ferox Faber : Fantasy Tree House (Style 2)  1111L
They have a ground version as well if you don't have room for the prims for 868L.  
It fits a 30x30 and is really nicely textured!  There are so many places to sit..  the 
rails, the windows, the tree leaves, the tree branches!  There is also a
nice fireplace that is touch on/off.  Only 105 prims, the treeless version is 85 prims!
Telescope - Reek : Telescopes  75L
Candles - [GW] : Swieca  1L on XStreet
Seating - Tiki Lounge : Chairs and Rug came with Kahului Pool set
Couch - Argrace : Mellow Sofa  300L
Cat - Seu : Gray Cat Group Gift  Free!
You can purchase more and different versions!  Non moving for 80L, 
moving for 120L