April 14th Anti Bullying Wear Some Pink!

Poised - Free!  (Has human and furry versions)
Nut - 50L (Have 2 different Tees)
Boom - Free!
A Bomb - Free!

Just a taste of some of the shops that are putting out
pink items for Anti Bullying day!  Many are waiting
till the 14th to put out their items..  

YOU can make a difference!  If you see someone being bullied and do nothing about it, you are just as guilty as the bully themselves.  Turning a blind eye to any kind of abuse is only enabling the abusers to continue harming others.  Speak up!  Stand up!  The more people are willing to stand up for what they believe in, the less power the bullies will have to abuse and control others.

So please, take a a stand against bullying, in your First and Second Life.  Bullying is not something only felt by school-aged children, but by millions of people worldwide - of all ages, genders, races...it knows no limits.

Until now.  WE can be that limit.

For more information on bullying and prevention, please visit: