House my Furry Butt

Swings Paradise!
Skyboxes, Villas, in the sky and on the ground!  Affordable LOW PRIM
homes and EXCELLENT customer service!!  They will work with you and
be super nice too!  Free internet radio in every home, free video screens,
free security, sky boxes are well spaced, ground villas have beautiful views!  There is
a central park between the ground land for all members to enjoy, and
did I mention the AWESOME customer service??  They love furries, they
love everyone!  They will come in, remove anything you want so you
can use your own items, even the house!
Please be sure to read the rules and how to rent if you decide to go there!  You MUST
IM the owners prior to paying on an area so they can add you to all the extras and
reserve your spot.
While you are at the rental area, check out the furniture they create as well!  They
don't call it Swings Paradise for nothing!  The Owner creates low prim swing furniture
you can use in their rentals!  This is area is still under construction as I write this,
but you can still perv cam in and see some!  LOL  It's just off to the side of the rental